What We Believe


About God...   

There is only one God, who is a simple and spiritual Being. He is eternal, beyond our understanding, invisible, unchanging, infinite, almighty, perfectly wise, just, good, and the overflowing fountain of all good.

God is one single essence, in which there are three persons who are really, truly and eternally distinct according to their indescribable perfections. These persons are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Despite this distinction God is not divided into three. For these three persons, in one and the same essence, are equal in eternity. There is neither first nor last; for They are all three one, in truth, in power, in goodness, and in mercy.

This believe that God is a Holy Trinity is not something that we human beings can every truly understand. Yet it is how God has revealed himself to us in his Word. As such we must accept it in faith. It should also not cause doubt as it makes sense that God, being God, should exist in a manner which is beyond our comprehension.

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About Jesus Christ...

Jesus of Nazareth is the only begotten Son of God. Having been conceived by the Holy Spirit he was born of a virgin. He was completely sinless and lived a perfect life before God the Father on this Earth. He came to teach us how to live, to heal us and to die for us paving the way for us to again be accepted into a perfect relationship of love with the Father. He is the long awaited Messiah promised by God to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden after mankind’s fall into sin.

Jesus is 100% God. He is in fact God Almighty himself. Jesus said to the Pharisees in the temple “before Abraham was born, I AM!” He also said to Phillip “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father”. Jesus is, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one true and eternal God Almighty.

Jesus is also 100% human. Jesus is real, true and perfect man. He is not simply God in the form of man but he really took our human nature upon himself. He stepped into our very skin so-to-speak. He took our flesh upon himself complete with all it’s weaknesses and infirmities yet without sin. He did this so that he could make payment for our sin and buy back the same human nature that had fallen so far away from God. Because he himself has been tempted (yet without sinning) he is able to help us when we are tempted.

About The Bible...

The Bible is God’s revelation about himself to us. The Bible tells us how we were made, how we became lost and how God, in his infinite love and mercy, purchased us back for himself. The Bible is God’s living and inspired Word.

God’s Word is living. When we spend time reading and thinking about the things which are written in the Bible, we change. God Works his Holy Spirit in our hearts through his Word. The Bible is living, and we should ask God to reveal Himself to us as we read it. It is through the Bible that we come to know and love God.

God’s Word is inspired. By “inspired” we mean that God breathed his living Word into the writers of the Bible. God used the writers of the Bible as they were, complete with their own unique background, education and style of writing. God’s Word is “organically” inspired not “mechanically”.


About The Church...

There is one universal church, a holy congregation of true Christian believers who expect their entire salvation in Jesus Christ.

This church has existed from the beginning of the world and will continue to exist until the end. Christ Jesus is an eternal King who cannot be without subjects. This church is gathered, defended and protected by God against the plots of the devil and the world which try to destroy it.

Moreover, this holy church is not confined or limited to one particular place or to certain persons, but is spread and dispersed throughout the entire world. However, it is joined and united with heart and will, in one and the same Spirit, by the power of faith.

Our Doctrinal Standards

Fellowship is a member congregation of a federation of churches called “The Canadian & American Reformed Churches”. As all of the churches in this federation we adhere to the teachings found in three doctrinal standards which we call our “three forms of unity”. These doctrinal standards are:

The Belgic Confession
The Heidelberg Catechism
The Canons of Dort


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